3 Powerfully Effective Tips for Passing the IELTS Test

Top Tips for Passing the IELTS

Here are 3 powerful tips for passing the IELTS test

1. Read the instructions carefully

This may sound simple, but it is more powerful than you think. Omitting topics of a writing assignment or writing less words than instructed, will cause you to lower your IELTS score. This common IETLS mistake can be very costly. Nevertheless, there are steps you can take to avoid making this mistake. Carefully read instructions and re-read them if necessary. Also, during the writing section, quickly glance over the instructions to make sure you are addressing the topic(s) appropriately.

2. Practice in a test-like environment

Practicing IELTS exercises in a test-like situation can be extremely beneficial. For example, one of the challenges of the IELTS test is the timing. Many test takers feel there is a lot of pressure and not enough time during the test. This can be the result of practicing at a relaxed pace. There are a few steps you can take while preparing for the test that can be helpful:

• Use a stopwatch/timer when practicing and studying.

• Study for the test in a quiet environment

• Take your preparation time seriously. Try to stick to a schedule and approach it with the mindset that you are committed to being focused during your preparation time.

3. Be confident

When the day of the test arrives, be confident. You will probably feel nervous. That is normal and expected. However, feeling overly anxious can be destructive and very distracting. During the test, you need to be able to focus on the subject matter at hand. This will be difficult to do if you are having many negative or worrying thoughts. If you have prepared yourself adequately prior to test day, you should feel confident that you will succeed. Here are few quick tips for boosting your confidence on test day:

• Breathe! Stay calm and take deep breaths if you start feeling too anxious.

• Think positive thoughts and try not to speak negative words (saying: “I am so worried about this test” will not help you. In fact, saying that statement repeatedly may impact your focus).

• Plan the day accordingly. If you have to wake up very early or drive very far, plan for that. Rushing around or getting lost are sure-fire ways to make you feel unnerved and anxious. If you have planned your time well and you know where the testing center is located, this can help you to feel more at ease.

Tips To Ensure You Are Prepared For Your IELTS Exam

IELTS, International English Language Testing System is an English language competence test that has international recognition. More than a hundred countries and hundreds of universities and institutions accept and recognize the test. If you have a wish to migrate or work in a country where English is the native language, then you might be required to get testes. The test generally assesses listening, writing, reading and even speaking abilities of the English language.

For those who wish to migrate for work then general training module is what they get but for those wishing to take a course in English the academic module what will be used. Just like any other test, you really want to pass your IELTS. Simply put, you are as ready for the exams as you have prepared. Never assume that you will have an easy time with the test no matter how much you think you are familiar with the language. Below are some helpful tips that can make your exam a success.

1. Make a personal effort to improve on your English language proficiency. Allocate enough time to make improvements using all resources possible like manuals and CDs that can help you understand the areas that are examined.

2. Make a habit of reading English magazines and newspapers and take time to even watch news channels and English movies. To boost your confidence levels make a point of speaking with people who are fluent in the language and be willing to learn.

3. If you know people who have actually taken and passed the test, seek advice regarding the trends and topics of the exam so you know which areas to focus more on. You can also use past papers and mock tests to get familiar and test how ready you really are for the actual exams. Make sure that you are aware of the current syllabus too, so as to avoid nasty surprises on the day of the exam.

4. Make sure you understand the test format of the IELTS exam. When you know the format, then you will know what to expect and you will have an easier time handling the content of every part of the test. You should also get familiar with the types of questions likely to be asked and know how to best answer them.

5. Buy OELTS self-study books and other related materials. There are also online preparation resources for the exam that you can use to your advantage so you are completely ready by the time the exam day comes.

6. Confirm the start time of the test and the exact location the test will take place a week before. It is also very important to make sure that you know your way to the location so you avoid wasting time on the day of the test. Never assume that you will take the test where you booked for it; the address can be at a very different location so always make the point of confirming first.